1. Affiliation
    1. The storytelling clubs will be affiliated with Ntukuma, The Storytelling Foundation of Jamaica.
    2. Ntukuma, will collaborate with the Jamaica Library Service on the programmes of the Club
  2. Benefits of affiliation
    1. Through this affiliation, the clubs will be able to access storytellers for training workshops and/or performances  in the libraries
    2. Librarians and students will be able to participate in the annual storytelling weekend camps hosted by Ntukuma at a special rate
    3. The club will be eligible to participate in special activities designed to recognise the best storytelling club each year.
  3. Names
    1. The club in each library, school or community will be known by its own unique name. Names should be in accordance with some significant feature of Jamaican life, the parish or community in which the club is located or for some character in the Ananse stories. The following are some examples from which to choose:


  1. Garvey Tellers
  2. Mango Walk
  3. Kitchen Step
  4. Tumble Tudd
  5. Common Sense
  6. Jack Mandora
  7. Kukumakka
  8. Hibiscus
  9. Doctor Bird
  10. Amy Jacques
  11. Bird Cherry                                                                                                                  
  12. Purpose
    1. The main purpose of the club will be to promote storytelling as an important aspect of the rich Jamaican heritage that connects the generations and transmits values from one to the other.
  13. Functions
    1. In pursuit of its purpose the club will conduct a number of activities including but not limited to the following:
      1. Research into Ananse and the characters in Ananse Stories
      2. Invite senior citizens to share stories with the members
      3. Make presentations of stories for special events including but not limited to Child Month, Heritage Week, Christmas etc.
      4. Participate in the annual Ananse SoundSplash
      5. Maintain photographic, video and written records of the activities of the club
      6. Work with the library to maintain an inventory of storytelling resources (books, CD’s etc)


Upon establishment, the leaders of the clubs in each parish – Librarian, student leaders – will attend one training workshop designed to ensure that there is a common understanding of the purpose and ethos which guide their operations. Thereafter there will be two training/review sessions each year.

As soon as you have established your parish clubs, please send the information to the Parish Librarian for onward transmission to Ntukuma. 


You may also send this information to jamaicantukuma@gmail.com